NFL Pick ‘Em: Week 12

NE (-6.5) @ DET Patriots Patriots Patriots Lions
NWO (-3.5) @ DAL Saints Saints Cowboys Cowboys
CIN @ NYJ (-9.5) Jets Bengals Bengals Jets
GB @ ATL (-2.5) Falcons Packers Packers Falcons
PIT (-6.5) @ BUF Steelers Bills Steelers Bills
CAR @ CLE (-10.5) Panthers Browns Browns Panthers
TEN @ HOU (-7.5) Texans Texans Titans Texans
JAX @ NYG (-7.5) Giants Giants Jaguars Jaguars
MIN @ WAS (-2.5) Vikings Redskins Vikings Vikings
MIA @ OAK (-3.5) Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders
KC (-1.5) @ SEA Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
TB @ BAL (-7.5) Ravens Bucs Ravens Ravens
PHI (-3.5) @ CHI Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles
STL @ DEN (-3.5) Broncos Rams Broncos Broncos
SD @ IND (-3.5) Chargers Colts Chargers Chargers
SF (-1.5) @ ARZ 49ers 49ers 49ers Cardinals
Week 12 9-7 7-9 7-9 10-6
Season 79-83 77-85 90-85 84-91
Winning % .488 .475 .514 .480

NFL Pick ‘Em: Week 11

CHI @ MIA (-1.5) Dolphins Bears Bears Bears
BAL (-10.5) @ CAR Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens
BUF @ CIN (-5.5) Bills Bills Bengals Bengals
DET @ DAL (-6.5) Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys
CLE @ JAX (-2.5) Browns Browns Browns Browns
OAK @ PIT (-7.5) Raiders Steelers Steelers Steelers
HOU @ NYJ (-6.5) Jets Texans Texans Jets
GB (-2.5) @ MIN Packers Packers Vikings Vikings
WAS @ TEN (-6.5) Redskins Titans Titans Titans
ARZ @ KC (-7.5) Cardinals Chiefs Cardinals Chiefs
ATL (-2.5) @ STL Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons
SEA @ NWO (-11.5) Saints Saints Seahawks Seahawks
TB @ SF (-3.5) Bucs 49ers Bucs 49ers
IND @ NE (-3.5) Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
NYG @ PHI (-2.5) Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles
DEN @ SD (-9.5) Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos
Week 11 9-7 11-5 8-8 7-9
Season 70-76 70-76 83-76 74-85
Winning % .480 .480 .522 .465

Eva trades Parker for cash considerations

Yes, she subtracted a name, but she’ll be adding to her bank account.

Longoria filed paperwork today to divorce Tony Parker.

I understand the Hollywood-esque “irreconcilable differences” reasoning behind practically every star-studded divorce. I also understand that if Parker was indeed unfaithful (as there were allegations in the past), than a divorce makes even more sense.

What I don’t understand is her asking for spousal support. Can someone explain that part? Not the “if he cheated on her, she deserves it” argument, but this is a lady who should not need spousal “support” of any kind. This is a multi-million dollar actress who still has a long career ahead of her and sure to land even bigger roles now with her new “single” status.

The part that gets my goat is the following (hypocritical) Tweet from Longoria, announcing the marriage being over.

“Great sadness?” “Love each other deeply?” Then she goes for the checkbook? Of course this is a difficult time, but this monetary stuff just looks unnecessary. Maybe she’s reading a bit too much into the “desperate” part of her TV show. Eva, you’re beautiful and you already have more money than you know what to do with.

While she won’t be getting Elin Nordegren-type dollars, Parker did just sign a new contract extension with the Spurs that was $50 million over 4 years. They say timing is everything.

Beasley vs. Bosh

The Miami Heat had a very clear plan this past offseason. Michael Beasley OUT, Chris Bosh IN.

To say that Bosh has underperformed so far this season would be quite accurate. Meanwhile Beasley has been tearing it up in Minnesota, dropping 28, 25, 35 and 42 in his last four games. Now, I’m sure the Heat are still all-in on Bosh and no matter how long he plays well below his ‘Raptor-days’ level, they’ll never admit to making a mistake with the signing. Remember, and like everyone’s saying, there’s still “time” for this whole thang to come together. For fun, let’s imagine that Beasley’s talents were still in South Beach and he was showing these breakthrough symptoms. Would the Heat be 10-0 instead of 6-4? Maybe.

I’m just tossin’ the numbers out:

Beasley 11 31.5 0.484 0.667 5.2 0.91 0.64 1.7 21.2
Bosh 10 32.3 0.482 0.809 6.0 0.60 1.10 2.0 14.5

However, my favorite number you won’t find in a box score, but on those 2010-11 pay stubs.

Bosh’s 10-11 salary: $14,500,000
Beasley’s 10-11 salary: $4,962,240

That’s right, nearly a third of the cost for Beasley, putting up equally as good numbers. Will he sustain it? In Minnesota, quite possibly. It makes you wonder for a split second, about what other pieces they could have assembled around Wade/LeBron with an extra $10 million? Because of “friendship,” we’ll never know.

Oh, and another sidenote reason to give a thumbs down to the Heat’s Bosh signing is this digital gold produced by The Score’s “The Basketball Jones” blog. Please check out “Like A Bosh” and it’s recommended you start using the term immediately.

Three And Out: Week 10

November 14-15 | Week 10

This is literally a THREE and OUT. Three things you need to know from Week 10:

1st. Gus Johnson calling a completed Hail Mary pass is a piece of football heaven.

2nd. The Jets have too many lucky, close-call wins and the Falcons have to prove they can win on the road. That makes the Patriots the best team the league right now.

3rd. After Week 10, Michael Vick is your MVP. Don’t even argue.

Antonio Margarito, ouch!

Alright, so I wrote just two days ago that Antonio Margarito would knock out Manny Pacquiao, in the 10th round nonetheless. I made a very poor attempt at a bold prediction and figured Pacquiao was due to have a bad night. I was wrong, dead wrong. After checking out the pics of Margarito below, I think you can piece together what happened.

Margarito (above) before the fight.

Margarito after the fight. If it’s any consolation, his goatee’s still in tact.

How NOT to defend a Hail Mary pass

Of course the “Football for Dummies” book does exist. Without reading it, I’m guessing they forgot the section on “how to defend a Hail Mary pass.” In case you’re illiterate or just lazy, the Houston Texans provided a perfect example on Sunday on what not to do. For God’s sake, just bat it out of bounds or even catch the damn thing already!


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